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Sunday, February 17, 2013

5 Benefits of music in life

Music so embedded in our lives. No day without music. Research shows music can affect our lives. Depending on what kind of music we consume. So, how music can make an impact on our lives? Check out his review that was launched from the following womenshealth.

1. Rap music to make creative
Eminem rap music that brought such is able to activate parts of the brain associated with creativity and the birth of ideas. The benefits gained from this more freestyle rap flow, a branch of hip-hop culture that relies on spontaneity and improvisation in stringing lyrics. Researchers found any lyrics that created spontaneously, fully improvised, and made without full concentration, can increase the activity in the frontal cortex area of ​​the brain. These brain areas are fully responsible for the emergence of creativity and brilliant ideas.

2. Classical music makes the focus
Researchers from Stanford University suggests classical music will help your mind stay focused and be able to sort information. Tone is in classical music can sharpen the brain, making it easier to concentrate.

3. Music energetic boost morale
Music affects the central nervous system to perform activities as well as help take your mind off the discomfort. Research shows energetic music fits listen while doing the activity that is quite heavy. The tone quickly that there can build morale and inspire active.

4. Favorite song makes you so much better
Listen to the songs that you like can trigger the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter in the brain that can enhance pleasure. So, frequently listening to your favorite songs that you are the better mood.

5. Certain tone can heal you
A study at the University of Kentucky describe a patient who listen to soft music before, during and after surgery. Apparently after listening to the music, pain and reduced patient anxiety, so just need a little sedative. And contrary to loud music can cause irritation to those who hear it.

What music most influenced your life? Do you want to change the type of music to change the mood and minds?

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